Introducing A Little Bit to See About Me (ALBSAM):
A Little Bit to See About Me is about representing people through patterns. Repeat patterns and colours, based on special moments in our lives.
Seeing as everyone is unique, no one pattern or moment will be the same. ALBSAM is a small archive for people and their experiences, portrayed through colour and variation.
For each response I get, I will produce a unique pattern for that person as a sign of thanks, and a repost on ALBSAM’s social media reflecting their consented glimpses of who they are.
You can either contact the page via social media, or through ALBSAM’s email below (or I can save you the hassle and contact you, maybe!)

A Little Bit to See About Me: 
People through patterns.
Thanks for reading.

Thank you for supporting the project! I will upload your custom pattern as soon as possible. :)
N.B.*: Any pattern received may be used for the expansion of the project through exhibitions, residencies and 
non-profit/merchant sales. ALBSAM is a charitable project, and all money will be invested in delivering the project to new applicants and  communities.
OPTIONAL/extra*: Email a thumbnail/small picture separately to (after submitting your form) to be added to your archive!